The incredible results from our clinical trials confirmed that nor sken’s exclusive formula is one of the best proven anti-ageing creams – but nothing gives us a thrill like seeing the results on people’s faces. 

Meet just some of the people who have shared their nor sken anti ageing skincare reviews, and see success stories of those who were able to treat pigmentation, reduce skin redness, improved wrinkles and reduce acne scars to achieve healthy, younger-looking skin. 

"I saw a change almost immediately"

– Stacy, United States, media professional

“I have been concerned about texture, discolouration and hydration in my skin – nor sken brought me the suppleness I was looking for, an even tone, and it brought hydration. And it brought it to me in a shorter amount of time.”

— Stacy, United States, media professional

"Wrinkles have disappeared"

— Jung, Singapore, former managing director 

Transform your skin

“As I got older, more wrinkles were seen on my face and some age spots started appearing. After one and a half months, there was a big difference in my face and the lines around my eyes. When I look at the 'before' photo I took, many wrinkles have now disappeared.”

— Jung, Singapore, former managing director 

“My skin irritation significantly reduced”

I have had two problem areas on my skin: I’ve had tiny pimples on my nose, which my dermatologist could not solve, and my cheek has an irritated area, which worsened with mask use during the pandemic. After using nor sken for three to four weeks, the pimples were gone and the skin irritation significantly reduced. I have the feeling that my skin is getting repaired from the inside out, like a natural healing process. I was surprised with the results and never experienced a cream like this.

— Tim, Singapore, banking professional

“It did so much for my acne scars”

I was initially more focused on using nor sken for my pigmentation. However, it did so much for my acne scars! Most of my cheek marks have faded away and my skin is much brighter and smoother after two months of use.”

– Lionel, Singapore 

“My pigmentation lightened in weeks”

My face pigmentation definitely lightened in a matter of weeks. My skin texture also improved greatly – it’s smoother with more refined pores. I also found the cream helped in speeding up skin healing, especially on my active pimples. Would definitely recommend it!

– Sarah, Singapore

“My skin was drooping after weight loss, but elasticity has improved”

I am truly happy with the results and I know I can never find another face cream as potent as this. My laugh lines and pigmentation are now less harsh. My wrinkles and dark circles have improved prominently. My skin was drooping after extreme weight loss but its elasticity has improved. A friend even asked if I went for botox! 

– Florence, Singapore

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