Beyond a healthy, youthful-looking complexion, nor sken harnesses its exclusive Cellular Rejuvenation Technology to restore your skin and trigger true transformation. The game-changing results delivered by the active ingredients in our anti-ageing cream have been captured in gold-standard international clinical trials.

See the evidence and experience the breakthrough.

Nor sken by numbers

10%Wrinkles reduced

Smoother frown lines and wrinkles within four weeks

97%Increase in collagen

Skin health support that improves tissue repair and reduces signs of ageing skin

123%Increase in skin elasticity

Skin elastin is stimulated to restore structure and bounce in four weeks

37%Instant boost of hydration

100% of trial participants experienced an immediate increase in skin moisture

47%Redness reduced

Troubled skin is transformed in 28 days.

Four bottles of nor sken restore crt facial cream: anti-ageing skincare

Our star product

One of the world’s best proven anti-ageing creams provides a powerful solution in a single step.

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