Vegan skincare that works: nor skens power is plant-based

  16 September, 2022

One of the world’s most powerful anti-ageing products is plant-based, totally natural and completely free of animal products or animal testing. 

A breakthrough cosmeceutical that has the capacity to reverse the ageing process in skin, nor sken restore crt facial cream embodies its founders’ commitment to vegan beauty and ethically produced skincare that makes a difference.

Cruelty-free is crucial

In this era, cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare should be standard. However, according to the Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign, some 500,000 animals still suffer and die each year across the world through the actions of the cosmetics and cosmeceuticals industry.

There are multiple methods of product testing that ensure safety and meet the highest international standards. As HSI says: “Producing cosmetics without animal suffering is simple – there is no excuse for companies to continue testing cosmetics on animals.”

A committed cruelty-free brand, nor sken ensures that throughout every stage of its production, from the sourcing of ingredients to testing the product for safety and efficacy, non-animal test methods are used. It’s the right thing to do.

The power of plant-based ingredients

The breakthrough formula behind nor sken’s transformative skincare is entirely vegan – free from animal-derived ingredients. “I saw the need for an anti-ageing solution that was effective, yet gentle on the skin while doing powerful work,” says Lars Brittsjo, co-founder of nor sken. ”The solution was found in nature – and in our skin’s own ability to restore itself.”

The scientific team that developed nor sken’s Cellular Rejuvenation Technology have created a novel process of triggering the skin’s own healing mechanisms.

The brand’s signature anti-ageing product, nor sken restore crt facial cream, features an exclusive powerhouse active ingredient, Cretanon. Generated through a natural fermentation process, it offers a pure skincare active that is 100% plant-based, cruelty free and bioidentical, meaning that the ingredient is naturally occurring and recognised by the body – enabling it to work its magic.

It was important that we developed nor sken restore respectfully, using plant-based ingredients that were sourced with care.

The skincare transformations we have seen from individuals around the world using nor sken continue to astound, and the clinical results are game-changing. For a start, the active ingredients in nor sken are scientifically proven to surpass Retinol and Vitamin C by at least 50% in the production of fibronectin – the protein that’s crucial in creating the structure of youthful skin.

In creating an anti-ageing product that delivers strong results and follows equally strong values, Brittsjo sums up nor sken’s approach: “It was important that we developed nor sken restore respectfully, using plant-based ingredients that were sourced with care so that we could create a high-performance product that brings meaningful change. The results are the best I’ve ever seen.”

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