Can you really reverse the ageing process?

A deep-dive into what causes skin to show signs of ageing, and how nor sken restore crt facial cream impacts skin's own healing mechanism to achieve an anti-ageing effect.
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What is a cosmeceutical?

How is a cosmeceutical different to a cosmetic? Understand the need-to-knows, and how nor sken works at a deeper level than your average anti-ageing facial cream.
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Nor sken clean, cruelty-free skincare: close-up of dandelion seeds

Clean and cruelty free

What does it mean to produce an ethical beauty product today? We share the values we live up to and the conscious process behind the creation of nor sken restore crt facial cream.
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Four bottles of nor sken restore crt facial cream: anti-ageing skincare

Transformative skincare

Real change in a single step

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About nor sken

Discover our story and what matters to us.
A bottle of nor sken restore crt facial cream surrounded by plumes of smoke: anti-ageing breakthrough

Skincare science

Strong results, clinically proven. See the evidence.
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How to reverse ageing skin: nor sken makes it possible.